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Sunday Evening Post: There I Go Again 

Esteemed Guaguer@s,

I wanna always keep falling in love.

It's a risky way to live.

But here I go again...this video

documents the first public performance of a song that has been one of my innermost anthems for nearly two years now. I've been re-writing it in my head, testing out scenarios of what new life and new love could be like. But as my mentor, Horace Beasley, says, "Love isn't love until you give it away." Thanks to the generous audience of thoughtful/creative/heartful writer folk up in the BX for making this debut meaningful. It was performed at the Bronx Community College Writing Center Poet's Cafe (open mic), made possible by the initiative of Prof. Janet Robertson, Director.

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Lyrics below.

Peace, Blessings and Thanks for listening,



                    There I go Again 
                                copyright Marcos de Jesús 2017 
One look from you and I’m shot through, your eyes pe-    ne-trate me.     

I’m down for the count in the mindgame, knocked out, ru-mi-nating: 

Did she mean to look at me? Was it meaningful? Was she just lost in thought? 

Did she just look at my socks? What can she see in these jeans? I just want her to see 

What I could see between me and her, I wish      I could tell her. 
            ‘I just love  spending time with you. 
             And finding ways to be kind to you. 

            I may not have what you need in a man 
            I’m not asking can I be… 
            I’m not asking to be… 
            I’m not asking can I be your man.              
But, there I go ag-ain-                 
Thinking about for-ever! 
‘Cause I seem to catch sight of your  soul 
In private passions passing over your face. 
There I go ag-ain! Encan-tado, volando 
Charmed, dis-armed and En-chanted by your smile. 
But, I’m afraid to fly from now to for-ever in your eyes ‘cause then I may never. 
    Learn to  be al-right     with where I stand  right now. And then 
                     a-gain, me encuentro o-ran-do. 
How can I take her where she sends me 
         In Mo-ments of     
        Every day grace. 
I’m living for these    mo-  ments … 
Everyday mo-ments of  quiet grace. 
 Moments of every day grace. 
For now that’s all I can take.     
‘Cause I’m too heart broken to really have the heart for dating. 
If I were smart, I’d stick to my smart phone, 
Swipe right and left like an art form,          
En Espa- ñol   
the verb that means “hoping” 
Can also describe the act of 
    There I go      a-gain       
    2da voz        Sonando en ti     
                 Orando que tu 
                 Te pudieras sentir 
                 lo que siento yo. 
But, I’m afraid to       fl-y. 
                Tan pobre que soy 
                 no te puedo ofrecer 
                  mas nada 
           que es-te sue-no de amor 

    I don't wanna “make believe” 
    But, I be-lieve, in love       
There I go again. 
2da voz            Some dreams     are better than the real thing. 
There I go again. 
                        Some things      are not meant to be. 
There I go again! 
               Fine                            SDG


Journey Back to Grace: 4 Songs of Love and Loss 

Dear Guaguer@s,

In Journey Back to Grace: Songs of Love and Loss, I invite you on a raw, vulnerable, personal journey. It’s a journey through stages of grief at the loss of my life commitment. It’s a journey back to hope. Journey Back to Grace gives you an idea of what Marcos and la Guagua songs are at their heart: active dialectics of the voice and the drum, of feeling and thought, the personal and the universal. La Guagua invites you to dance. La Guagua seeks to uplift us. La Guagua means to move you. The journey was performed and recorded with help from Ardashir Ethan Lea, in the gracious, acoustically gorgeous sanctuary of TLC of NYC.



The Lyrics:

I-               I Can’t Believe It 
                        by Marcos de Jesús Wille, copyright 2015 

There are many things that I have doubted.
You were one thing that I was sure of. 
I took a long time before I asked you, 
And you said yes…but now I’ve lost you. (beat drops)    

I can’t believe it. 
I can’t believe it. 
I can’t believe it. 
I can’t believe it. 

I can’t believe it. 
I can’t believe it. 
I can’t believe it. 
I can’t believe from the 

Crazy girl who cried when I said I wanted space. 
The ambitious woman who said it was time we got a place. 
My beautiful bride. 
My joy and my pride. 
The strong help I trusted to always be by my side. 

I can’t believe it. 
I can’t believe it. 
I can’t believe it. 
I can’t believe it. 

I can’t believe it. 
I can’t believe it. 
I can’t believe it. 
But, I guess I’ve got to 

Believe it the dream is over now. It’s time to wake up 
And forget a strangely beautiful dream like I do most every morning. 

I can’t believe it. 

I thought we had everything. 
Why’d she leave…Why’d she leave…Why’d she leave…
It?                        fine    SDD        SDG


II-                    Involucrado con los Muertos 
                        by Marcos de Jesús Wille, copyright 2015 
Es que ella es 
Tan involucrada con los muertos 
        She´s so, She’s so involved with the dead. 

Tan involucrada con los muertos 
        Torn between joy, love, and dread 
        She see´s a world on fire. 
        Maybe all great storytellers are prophets and liars! 
        Y me deja pensando. 
        Que lo que le pasa a mi 

No se le pasa a nadie 

        Un matrimonio tan feliz 
        Que termina asi 
        Ay, ay, ay de mi 
        Lo que tengo que sentir 
        Y sobrevivir 

        Pero la pérdida pasa a todos 
        Aunque no tengo idea ni modo 
        Aguantar lo 
        y lo cierto 

Es que ella es 
Tan involucrada con los muertos 
        There’s nothing to be done         
Tan involucrada con los muertos 
        Somos Calaveras de veras, so let’s try to have some fun. 
        Asi Abuela lo vio 
        Por esa nena me muero, but what a lovely way to go. 

        Y me dejado a mi 
    Involucrado con los muertos, muerto 
    Involucrado con lo muerto, eh! 
    2x o mas con soloista ad lib 

        Pero la pérdida toca a todos 
        Aunque no tengo idea ni modo 
        Aguantar lo 
        Y lo cierto 
        Es que lo nuestro 
        Ya ha muerto. 

         Y viviremos 
        Juntos y involucrados con lo muertos. 
                    SDG    SDD

III-                   Now and Forever 
                            by Marcos de Jesús, copyright 2015 

Hashtag keep the Faith 
Mis padres, abuelos and now my 
No fault keep it out the courts. 
But, why do we join, construct, define, 
Is it just the build up for inevitable decline? 

So a man shall leave his mother, 
A woman leave her home, 
So what?! 
So they go to the county, the church, throw a party, then die alone? 
She was beautiful, haunted, divine. 
But I couldn’t save her, beautiful savior. 
Was she ever really mine. 

    Now and Forever 
Now what?! 
Forever’s what I thought, 

I started already. 
¿Y como era pa’ mi abuelita? 
Matrimonio terminado 
Porque le vio como negrita, 
La suegra, 
Mi bisabuela. 

Y que de mi Abuelo 
la trato de defender 
Sus promesas mantener 
Pero que feliz mi bisabuela 
Cuando salió su nieto, 
Tan lindo y tan rubio, 
Lo queria comer crudo. 
Te revelo el asunto: 
Tres generaciones 
de fracaso aqui estamos frente de Dios 

    Now and Forever 
Now what?! 
Forever’s what I thought, 

My parents were waiting before they got divorced. 
Long suffering, 
There were no unforced errors, 
The game was over 
Then the war came 
Then the news dropped 
And we’d never be the same, 
Family failed 
No money, matrimony unsuccessful 
Was there anything to life besides more or less stressful 
Now and forever will I ever find mine 
Jesus lover of my soul 
I think I’m running out of time! 

I did say I do 
‘Cause I thought I wanted to- 
    Now and Forever 
    Be thine! 
        SDG SDD 


IV-                        Canto de Lo Que Muera 
                                    por Marcos de Jesús, copyright 2014 

Fueron a la playa 
A nadar con la familia 
Y perder lo que se asuma 
En la arena y la espuma. 

Y nos fuimos al desierto 
A desear lo que no es cierto, 
Naufragar entre nopales, 
“California uber alles”. 

Y yo soy un vagabundo 
Y eres tu, el mar profundo 
Y yo vivo en tu playa 
y me caricia todos tus aires. 

Estos aires agradables, 
Y turbulentes huracanes, 
Que viven de tu calor 
Y mueren en tu ausencia, 

Canto de lo que muera 3x 
Como Yo… 

    Canto de lo que muera 
    Como yo. 
    Canto. Canto 

Fueron a la playa 
A nadar con la familia 
Y perder lo que se asuma 
En la arena y la espuma. 

    Canto de lo que muera 
    Como yo. 
    Canto. Canto 

Soy un vagabundo 
Y eres tu, el mar profundo 
Y yo vivo en tu playa 
y me caricia todos tus aires. 

    Canto de lo que muera 
    Como yo. 
    Canto. Canto 

    Como yo, como yo 
    Canto de lo que muera 
    Que muera como yo 
    Como yo 
    Canto de lo que muera 
    Canto, Canto 

¡De lo que muera como yo! 

Canto, canto de lo que muera! 

    ad lib etc 
    ultima vez 

De lo que muera como yo… 

Fueron a la playa 
A nadar con la familia 
Y perder… 
                        SDD    SDG

This is Mychal’s Prayer  

Guaguer@s Estimad@s,

At a screening of the film, Saint of 9/11, Brendan Fay, one of the film's producers, gave me a prayer card with a picture of Father Mychal Judge on the front, and this text on the back: 

Take me where you want me to go, 
Let me meet who you want me to meet, 
Tell me what you want me to say, 
And keep me out of your way. 

That was Mychal’s Prayer, his personal mantra. 

I taped it to the outside of my apartment door. 

For years, I would utilize the card as a reminder as I rushed out the door. The card taught me the discipline to pray in the midst of busyness and tumult. I would pause, touch the card, look at Father Mychal, say his prayer and then head out onto the streets of New York City with that intention in my heart. I would head out with Mychal’s intention to be available for God to work through me. 

One day, as I paused at the door, I heard the prayer with this melody:

The first version, in my head, was an old school R&B treatment, inspired by Mychal’s charisma. Horace Beasley, my mentor, voice coach and accompanist, brought it more clearly to a Gospel treatment. I think that was the right approach, ‘cause if Mychal’s life wasn’t Gospel, I don’t know what the Gospel is.

For a lot of New Yorker's, September is a time to remember. Pastor Heidi Nuemark invited me to perform the song at on a recent sunday as an expression of Marcos and la Guagua's residency at Trinity. Gracias pastora. I'm remembering Mychal. Ruega por nosotros antes el Señor San Miguel. We need it...right now.

¡Yo soy Guaguer@!

Peace, Blessings and Thanks for Listening, 


¡Soy Bernista! 

I am so inspired by the integrity, life work, and candidacy of Bernie Sanders for president, I felt the need to sing about it.

"¡Soy Bernista!" is an original Plena-Cha, based on rhythms of the African heritage of Puerto Rico and Cuba. "¡Soy Bernista!" is a Spanish language anthem for everyone who's ready for a political revolution...and you can dance to it. 

It is made out of love for the beautiful diversity of these United States of America and mi gente latina. I offer this song to the Bernie 2016 movement for not for profit usage. I do reserve a protective copyright against other usage. 

But, if you support Bernie and you like the song please share it, post it, sing it, play it, make videos, add parts, remix it, and dance to it to your hearts content. Lyrics and English translation below

Please include an artist/composer credit and a link to my website when you share. 

In Hopes of Building a Future We Can All Believe in, 

Marcos de Jesús

¡Soy Bernista!
                                    por Marcos de Jesús 

Soy Bernista         

Soy Bernista porque quiero a mi pueblo     
Y quiero que mi pueblo no sufra mas. 
Soy Bernista y si unes conmigo      
Nuestro mundo podemos cambiar. 
Soy Bernista y si unes conmigo     
Un mundo mas lindo podemos crear. 

Un futuro con sufficient para todos 
Un futuro con paz y Libertad                                                                            
Con milliones participando 
en una revolución demócrata.     

Soy Bernista     

Los poderos tiene todo el dinero,                 
Pero nosotros toda la solidaridad.                 

Soy Bernista     

Lego la hora de decir: 
    Soy Bernista     
(para etc) Los taxistas y los Artistas, 
    Soy Bernista etc 
Mi gente anti-racista, 
Y la vanguardia feminista 
En el este y el oeste 
El candidato de la gente 
Un chamaco de Brooklyn 
Que ha hecho muy bien 
Sin olividar de nostoros     
Digo, gracias a Dios                         

Soy Bernista             

Bernie Está         

Bernie Sanders está con nosotros familia 
¡Pa’ planate!                                     

¡Soy Bernista!
                                    by Marcos de Jesús

I’m for Bernie 

I’m for Bernie because I love my people 
And I don’t want my people to suffer anymore. 
I’m for Bernie and if we unite 
We can change the world. 
I’m for Bernie and if we unite 
We can create a more beautiful world. 

A future with enough for all 
 future with peace and liberty                                                                              
With millions participating In a democratic revolution. 

I’m for Bernie 

The powerful have all the money, 
But we have all the solidarity. 
I’m for Bernie 

call and response section 
The time has come to say: 
I’m for Bernie- 
(For etc) taxi drivers and artists 
I’m for Bernie etc 
My anti-racism folk. 
and the Feminist vanguard. 
In the East and the West 
he people’s candidate 
A kid from Brooklyn 
Who has done good 
without forgetting about us 
I say thank God 

I’m for Bernie     

Bernie is here. 

Bernie Sanders is with us, family. 

Changed is here, The Mindgame Aspect is coming 

"Changed" is the outro from my new EP The Mindgame Aspect, coming soon. Join my email list to download this track today. Then later this year, I'll offer you a free download of the new album before it's available anywhere else.

I'm always eager to hear your thoughts and feelings about my work.

Thanks for Listening,


Let's Make Christmas! 

A couple of lines from my new Christmas song sum it up:

"Maybe Gabriel was right
And there's nothing to fear.
All I want for Christmas
Is Christmas this year."

and later

"But, I can't do it alone.
Jesus was homeless
Let's make him a home."

See a video of a performance at

Thanks to Natatia who sings, Horace who plays, and Chris who made the video.

Full lyrics below.

Thanks for Listening,


Let’s Make Christmas 
                                                                                    by Marcos de Jesús, copyright 2014 
M-A lot of us gotta work 
N-            And there’s’a lotta work to get done. 
M-Schleping all over town 
                        TUTTI-            Sometimes, it’s not even fun. 
N-But, it’s Christmas- 
M-            And it’s Kwanzaa- 
N-And it’s Solstice- 
M-            And it’s Chanukah! 
TUTTI!                        And if we can believe enough 
                                    These holidays might not be so tough. 
N-You’re mad at me about something 
M-            I’m mad at you ‘bout…I don’t know what! 
N-We don’t all get together enough to get stuck in this same old rut. 
M-            I’m probably wrong, alright? I’ll admit it. 
TUTTI-                       I can confess if you can forgive it. 
N-Maybe Gabriel was right, 
TUTTI-                                   and there’s nothing to fear… 
                                    All I want for Christmas is Christmas this year. 
working section TUTTI-            Let’s make Christmas! 
1a) N- Everything is  perfect at Church each ChrIstmas.            
                                                Let’s make Christmas! etc 

1b) M- Yeah, no matter HOW many things go wrong. 

2a) N- By the grace of God it's up to you  and me. 

2b) M- Might not be a silent night, in the Bronx, but if that's alright. 

3a) M- Imanuel is coming for dinner 

3b) N- Alright dear, as long as YOU cook. 

4a)M- I don't care if we just tell all the same stories again. 

4b)N- Your Abuelita's stories get better every time. 

5a)M- I'm gon' Feliz Navidad all the way to Reyes, if you’re down for that say yes. 

5b)N-Yes, my love! And we shall light candles for eight sacred nights! 

6a)M-And gather to study 7 profound African insights 

6b)M-But, I can't do it alone. 
tutti Jesus was homeless, let's make him a home. 
        coda        All I want for Christmas is Christmas rep ad lib 
                        All I want for Christmas is Christmas this year 
                        Let’s make Christmas. 



The Harvest is Great (In Detroit) with Love for My ELCA Family and Detroit 

My new song, The Harvest is Great (In Detroit), is streaming sitewide at in celebration of the 2015 Youth Gathering, Multicultural Youth Leadership Event (MYLE), and Definitely-abled Youth Leadership Event (DAYLE) of our Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA). I came to a faith of conviction in God's surprising, gracious love in Christ at a MYLE gathering years ago. I believe God is doing something new in the hearts of thousands of youth and adults as our church gathers in Detroit this week as well.

My mom taught in Detroit in the 1970's and I feel a strong affinity for the Motor City, as someone who grew up in the Mid-west and was born into the Bronx. God is already at work in places the dominant powers of this world have cast aside, even before churches can schedule time to discuss it.

I pray that this and every week in Detroit may be a foretaste of the feast to come for visitors and locals alike.

The current Harvest is Great demo was recorded in the acoustically gracious sanctuary of Trinity Lutheran Church in Manhattan using the talents of four mid-westerners gathered together in NYC. Thanks to Horace Beasley, piano and backing vocals. Leanna Hieber, vocals. Dash Lea, sound engineering. I wrote the song and sing lead vocals. Thanks to Abe Cáceres for his mentorship, and my mom, Carolyn Wille-Rivera for sharing her Detroit memories with me.

We believe that Detroit is:

"Like a Garden
Planted by a Great Lake..."

and that there is

"So much soul food at God's table,
Everyone can fill their plate!"

This is what love does, God's work our hands.

For me, I say, this is most certainly true. Amen.

Thanks for listening,


The Harvest is Great (In Detroit) copyright Marcos de Jesús 2015

Actuality and Live Organ for Summer Day Camp at TLC of NYC 

This Sunday at 4pm I'll be contributing to a couple of songs, including a live version of Actuality. The concert featuring the organ playing of Vicar Barbara "the Funky Organist" Otto as a fundraiser for Trinity's Summer Day Camp which provides meaningful fun for kids and summer jobs for youth, in a constructive Christian setting. Familia, let's fight darkness with light.

Trinity Lutheran Church in Manhattan
164 W 100th Street
Sunday June 21st 4pm

Donations to benefit Trinity's Summer Day Camp

Marcos & la Guagua

Marcos de Jesús is inspired by going new places with genres he loves, such as Hiphop, Boricua Roots Music, and Gospel. Code Switching, the debut album of Marcos & la Guagua is on CDbaby and iTunes. Marcos & la Guagua is on a musical mission of reconciliation, to boldly go beyond the limitations of genre ghettos. Marcos will be your guide and la Guagua will be our clean-air-hybrid-electric vehicle. La Guagua means to move you. 

Get on the Bus!