¡Caballeros! is a Bomba/Rap/Movement examination of homophobia, violence, machismo, vulnerability and everyone's need for somebody-hood.

Thanks to Jinah Parker for this beautiful trailer profiling ¡Caballeros! Watch it HERE.

¡Caballeros! asks:

"Are we Caballeros sin caballo?

Jibaritos without mules?

'Bad Hambres'?

Or ridiculous macho fools?"


And reflects on my experience that:

"For me, Machismo is not an 'ism.

I'm not gonna fear manhood.

I think he has to know who is him

And believe he can be good."

¡Caballeros! is by Marcos de Jesús, featuring Jon Panikar and oral history from Abe Cáceres, PHD,  commissioned by Annabella Gonzalez Dance Theatre, originally developed with Wilson La Antigua, of Bombayo.