Let's Make Christmas!

A couple of lines from my new Christmas song sum it up:

"Maybe Gabriel was right
And there's nothing to fear.
All I want for Christmas
Is Christmas this year."

and later

"But, I can't do it alone.
Jesus was homeless
Let's make him a home."

See a video of a performance at MarcosandlaGuagua.com/video

Thanks to Natatia who sings, Horace who plays, and Chris who made the video.

Full lyrics below.

Thanks for Listening,


Let’s Make Christmas 
                                                                                    by Marcos de Jesús, copyright 2014 
M-A lot of us gotta work 
N-            And there’s’a lotta work to get done. 
M-Schleping all over town 
                        TUTTI-            Sometimes, it’s not even fun. 
N-But, it’s Christmas- 
M-            And it’s Kwanzaa- 
N-And it’s Solstice- 
M-            And it’s Chanukah! 
TUTTI!                        And if we can believe enough 
                                    These holidays might not be so tough. 
N-You’re mad at me about something 
M-            I’m mad at you ‘bout…I don’t know what! 
N-We don’t all get together enough to get stuck in this same old rut. 
M-            I’m probably wrong, alright? I’ll admit it. 
TUTTI-                       I can confess if you can forgive it. 
N-Maybe Gabriel was right, 
TUTTI-                                   and there’s nothing to fear… 
                                    All I want for Christmas is Christmas this year. 
working section TUTTI-            Let’s make Christmas! 
1a) N- Everything is  perfect at Church each ChrIstmas.            
                                                Let’s make Christmas! etc 

1b) M- Yeah, no matter HOW many things go wrong. 

2a) N- By the grace of God it's up to you  and me. 

2b) M- Might not be a silent night, in the Bronx, but if that's alright. 

3a) M- Imanuel is coming for dinner 

3b) N- Alright dear, as long as YOU cook. 

4a)M- I don't care if we just tell all the same stories again. 

4b)N- Your Abuelita's stories get better every time. 

5a)M- I'm gon' Feliz Navidad all the way to Reyes, if you’re down for that say yes. 

5b)N-Yes, my love! And we shall light candles for eight sacred nights! 

6a)M-And gather to study 7 profound African insights 

6b)M-But, I can't do it alone. 
tutti Jesus was homeless, let's make him a home. 
        coda        All I want for Christmas is Christmas rep ad lib 
                        All I want for Christmas is Christmas this year 
                        Let’s make Christmas. 



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