Code Switching: Made with Love, Now Made Easier to Access

Esteemed Guaguer@s, 

I usually have an idea who I’m making a song for, but, for me, the intention behind a song is completed by the grace of God, in the heart of the hearer. "Love isn't love into you've given it away..." I have lots of songs that have not yet reached their intended audiences. Sometimes, I feel like each of those songs is a love letter I have never sent. 

I also already have an album that I put a lot of love into.  

Maybe <em>Code Switching</em> was intended for you. If you haven't heard it yet, please think of it as a new part of your relationship with Marcos and la Guagua. If you haven’t heard it in a while, I hope it’ll do something new for you now on the next listen, like taking out an old note of sentimental value, and reading it from a new perspective. It was released four years ago, this past month, but now it’s easier to hear than ever before.

I'm happy to share the love.

Hear it on youtube with no login required.

Or on Spotify, Apple Music/iTunes or Youtube Music with a login. 

Please let me know what you experience with this music. 

I am Marcos de Jesús, and I approved these messages. 

Advent Blessings and Thanks for Listening,


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